Trip to the Park!

What glorious weather we are having and what better way to celebrate it then a trip to the park!

The day started off rough… someone has been having some issues teething the last 2 days and it has been a tough go around with this left back molar 😦 Mommy finally got her down for a nap and thankfully she slept 2 hours! Sydney’s BFF, Kylee, and her mom came over to get started on our adventure to the park! The girls were troopers, we stayed for a whole hour which we couldn’t believe! They played in the swings, the sand box (where Kylee tried to eat it and Sydney wasn’t sure what to do), the sat at the bottom of a slide, sat in a little house, and then we tried the big chair swing! We really wanted to put the girls in the awesome saucer swing but there was a boy who just kept laying in it and he wouldn’t leave! Once we got in the car that was when the melt downs started- Sydney first, Kylee followed, Sydney went to sleep, then Kylee woke her up, they both cried for a couple of minutes, Kylee went to sleep, and then Sydney screamed the rest of the way home- poor things! They played so hard then wore themselves out!

Little busy body!            


In other updates:

  • Our daughter now sleeps with her blanket over her head… If you move it she WILL wake up and she WILL be angry with you… So, we don’t move it 🙂
  • Sydney refuses to take baths in her baby tub (which we put in the big tub in the hall). She started last week trying to climb OVER the side of the baby tub to get into the big tub… So last Friday was the last night for the baby tub, I was quite sad about it, but she does such a good job sitting up like a big girl in the tub and doesn’t fall over! 
  • And on some days… she boycotts some of her naps. She really thinks she’s getting away with something, but boy howdy she can’t fool anyone with how tired her eyes are!
  • We had a lovely shopping trip to Target with Great Guh yesterday and she was a little show off during her shopping trip- wearing her jeggings and onsie! We got a couple new outfits, some new types of baby food, and a baby iPad… yes a baby iPad toy. Haha!
  • Little lady LOVES jello- whether you feed it to her by spoon or if you dare let her have it on her high chair tray- she ATTACKS!
  • Syddie is a little know it all who thinks she can walk already- she’ll scoot off your lap or try to scoot off the couch if you aren’t watching because she is so sure that she can just stand and walk like the rest of us, it priceless to watch- the determination is great in this little girl.
  • Daddy got her a new outdoor swing tonight after work and he attached it to the garage door frame and off she went swinging away and giggling the whole time- silly thing!

Well, that’s it for this post- it only took me several hours from the time I started to actually finish it 🙂


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