Spring has finally Sprung!

Spring looks like it is here to stay… yes, we still are having some cool days, but for the most part it is beautiful! With Spring comes open windows, barefoot in the grass, picnics, playing in the park, gardens, long walks, and swinging in the swing… And let’s not forget allergies- which both myself and itty bit are cursed with šŸ˜¦ (Boo!)

This is the first post in almost 2 weeks and a quick one because Syddie and I have been enjoying the wonderful weather and soaking up some sun.
Our long weekend in Kansas City- March 16th-19th- was amazing and we got to catch up with Great Cappy and Sharon and see Uncle Anthony and Meg! We spent Saturday, with Syddie decked out for St. Patrick’s day, walking around Legends and Sunday eating at the Melting Pot and exploring the Plaza! Monday, the 19th, was Syddie’s 7 month birthday!

Little Miss has been trying lots of new things lately- she squirms her way around on the floor (most of the time backwards), tries to pull up on things and with a little help is successful, has mastered getting from a sitting position to her tummy (and usually promptly rolling to her back) in search for the better toy, and has been trying lots of new “big people” foods! She stole a piece of bread off of Daddy’s dinner plate last night and quickly shoved a piece in her mouth before it could be taken away… that girl LOVES her bread!

Mommy and Sydney are also being treated by an awesome chiropractor- Mommy for migraines and lower back pain (resulting from a car wreck several years ago) and Sydney for her hip issues and constipation. We love going to see Dr. Devin and the office girls fight over who gets to hold Sydney while I am getting treated!

And now for some pictures!

In the flower beds at the Plaza!

Our little family šŸ™‚

Hott Stuff in her new swing!

Happy Spring, Everyone! We are off to enjoy this beautiful evening!


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