Busy Busy

I can’t believe it has been so long since I have had a chance to post… With Little Miss getting older, she is getting busy and wanting to explore. Our days are busy with lots of tummy/army crawling, standing up to things, playing with all her wonderful toys, and being a little mimic 🙂

  • She is getting better at the army crawling thing… she is pretty proficient at getting around backwards and in a circle
  • Sydney LOVES walking. When you are holding her half of the time she is trying to head dive to the floor and what she wants is for you to help her walk… She will walk everywhere if you let her and yes, she guides which way we go!
  • She is trying to pull herself up to things, those little arms are not quite strong enough yet though 🙂
  • We are practicing with the spoon- about 1/3 of the time she can get it to her mouth with the food still on it, she thinks she’s pretty darn smart when she does. She is obsessed with frozen banana chunks and will suck them until nothing is left- beware- if you take it away before she is done you will get the wrath of Syddie! Every type of baby food she will eat, she loves cheerios and the Gerber puffs!
  • Syddie has developed a rocking back and forth motion to help express how she is feeling- if she is happy she sings, talks, and dances with her arms… however, if she is angry or you aren’t feeding her fast enough you get the angry rocking motion
  • In the morning when I leave for work, she sometimes gets upset when I hand her over to Daddy to get her diaper changed while I finis getting ready and she cries and in the middle of crying she says “Ma Ma Mama” and it breaks my heart!
  • Our little mimic she is becoming. If you show her how to do or use something 2 or 3 times the next time she picks it right up and does it with you- she “brushes” her teeth every night, “combs” her hair when sitting on the bathroom counter while you are, uses a cup and spoon with us at meals, and she LOVES getting chapstick put on when Mommy uses it!
  • At dinner time she gets absolutely furious if you are eating something and NOT sharing… and she knows if what you give her is her baby food or real people food, don’t try and fool this little smartie 😉

April is already almost half way over and I don’t know where time is going, time has seemed to go impossibly fast since Sydney has joined our life. I want to push pause or time to go into slow motion because it is all passing way too fast. I want her to stay little forever but I marvel at how much she grows and how much she learns each and every day… it truly is the most wonderful thing to experience, the life of your child.

Lots of thing are changing in our little household, all for the good 🙂

With April comes our anniversary – and I have to say I love remembering all the good details that went into planning our wedding and the anticipation leading up to our big day. I am so excited to celebrate 2 years of marriage with my best friend and the love of m life. This year our celebration will be more simple then our wonderful trip to KC last year, we have Syddie and hopefully Grammy will be able to watch Syddie so we can go out to eat )hint hint 😉  )

All the frivolous things that stressed me out or people trying to bring us down leading up to the day don’t matter… yes, I still have them in my memory- I am working at forgetting some of the unpleasant things… but they DON’T matter. I am having to work a lot lately on not letting certain things or people bring me down, some of these people are stuck in my life and they aren’t going anywhere and I have to find the best balance in my life to deal with this. I can’t continue to let people do this to me and then to let them see how they affect me, it gives them the fuel to continue what they are doing. Bullies are bullies and they never chance. They disrespect you and then act like it is nothing to do with them, you are the one with the problem. Ugh! Sorry about that I have been having one main problem lately and obviously am having a hard time getting over/moving on/forgetting about it. I am trying to work up the courage to confront/talk to this person but keep loosing it when I finally get ready.

On a brighter, more beautiful note- here are some pictures of our Easter Sydney:

Our little Sydney Bunny enjoying a beautiful day at the Zoo


With Easter basket


In her pretty Easter dress, loving the Easter eggs!


Enjoy you beautiful Spring Day!   —- ❤ Sydney and Mommy


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