Two years of Wedded Bliss!

Have the last two years been all bliss? Well no… there were some tough and trying moments but the wonderful moment greatly outweigh the tough ones. Working together with Curtis we got through them and made it to today, 730 days after our wedding.

That day, that beautiful April day 730 days ago was truly one of the happiest in my life. I relive that day over and over again and think about it every time I pass our huge wedding photo. I can remember all the moments and feelings that were happening throughout the day, the anticipation for marrying the man I had loved for 4 years before, ready to be his wife and start our lives together.
We have over a thousand pictures of that day (are you really surprised?) and a wonderful video capturing all the special moments. I love having those keepsakes, they were worth all the money we spent on them, and I cannot wait to share them with Sydney and our future kids. But, my memories will always be there for me to pull up when I am daydreaming or when I am out and about and waiting in lines.

The truth is… I love him.
I love him today more then I did then the day we were married- we have grown together and grown our love during our journey.

  • I will never forget the first time he asked me to be his girlfriend… or the second 🙂
  • I will never forget the day I said I was going to marry him, 7 years ago and we weren’t even dating, I just knew he was the one.
  • I will never forget our first real date and how nervous we both were even though we’d be best friends before.
  • I will never forget the moment I really knew I loved him.
  • I will never forget our first kiss in the driveway of my mom’s house.
  • I will never forget the wonderful minutes, hours, and vacations we spent together during the 4 years we dated.
  • I will never ever forget the moment I knew he was going to propose, when he went down on one knee and stuttered trying to get started… I was overwhelmed and overjoyed, my heart truly felt like it was going to burst.
  • I will never forget and never want to relive the wedding planning- it was fun and I did enjoy it but never want to go through that stress and the many tears during the 16 months leading up to our wedding.
  • I will never forget looking into his eyes the day before our wedding knowing it would be the last time I was standing with him as Elisabeth N., that he was just my fiance then, and know the next day our lives would change.
  • I will never forget seeing him for the first time when the double doors at Church opened up and I walked towards the man of my dreams.
  • I will never forget the moment we said our vows and became man and wife under God’s watchful eyes.
  • I will never forget our wonderful honeymoon in Jamaica and the carefree feeling we felt for the 8 days we spent on the beach.
  • I will never forget the moment we decided, sitting outside Olive Garden, on a chily October evening, we were ready to bring a new life into the world.
  • I will never forget the look on his face and the joy in my heart on Christmas morning 2010 that we read the stick and found out we were going to be parents.
  • I will never forget the loooooong 38 weeks of pregnancy, the cravings, Curtis painting my toe nails, and all the support he gave me during that time.
  • I will never forget all the time we spent talking about our baby, our hopes and dreams for her, and getting the nursery ready.
  • I will never forget the moment he found out he was going to be a Daddy to a little GIRL- he cried and said he couldn’t wait to be wrapped around her finger (it took the first look and he was a goner).
  • I will never ever ever forget the moment our daughter entered into the world, how our hearts were overfilled and expanded exponentially with love for her- how hysterical we both were with tears and joy.

I know it seems cliche to say that he is my best friend, soul mate, and my dream man… but each of those is uniquely true to me in many ways.
He is-
My best friend
My soul mate
My dream man
The love of my life.

I will always thank Curtis for marrying me, for becoming my husband. For I am the lucky one to have such an amazing man by my side during our journey through life. I am blessed in every way.
Thank you for marrying me 2 years ago. My heart will forever belong to you.

April 17, 2010


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