Baby Girl becomes a fishy!

Little Miss has been a water girl since the day she was born.

  • She relished her first bath and getting her luscious locks washed for that first time and only made a peep when the nurse dared to stop combing her hair!

    1 hour old and loving her 1st bath!

  • Her first bath at home, she breezed through it and grumbled when it was over.

    First bath at home- 2 days old

  • First shower after her umbilical cord fell off at 8 days old- she was a pro and still loves to shower with Mommy or Daddy!

    First shower at 8 days old

  • At five and a half months she had to be moved, in her baby tub, into the big tub because she splashed so much with her feet that she was soaking our bathroom counter and mirror.

    Had to be in the "big" tub!

  • On her 6 month birthday, she was privileged to get to go swimming at the YMCA for the first time and she took to the warm water of the pool like a duck!

    First time at the poo- 6 months old!

  • Just before 7 months, she refused to sit in that infantile baby tub in the big tub- she wanted none of that anymore and proceeded to climb over the edge into the big tub… and there she has been ever since!

    I finally escaped that baby tub!

  • And today, May 1st, she took her first swim lesson at the YMCA… she was the youngest in her class by 6 months, but you wouldn’t know it! She exceeded the teacher’s expectations of what she could do just being a “baby” and astounded the other moms that were present. She wowed everybody with her graceful floating skills and caused shock with the ease she has going under water… she became a fishy today!

    After her 1st swim lesson!

Mommy and Me swim lessons… I was a little bit worried about what exactly would be involved but knew not to have any fear since our daughter does NOT fear the water at all. We did float time on her back and tummy, kicking lessons on her back and tummy, paddle and reach and grab lessons with toy ducks, she practiced “diving” and gliding into the water from a sitting position on the ledge, and jumping into the pool and going under water from a standing position. I tell you what she amazes me every day- she caught onto the paddling/splashing to get the duck faster than I imagined and her jumping skills… outta this world! We ended the 30 minute lesson with circle time with the other mommas and babies, sang the Itsy Bitsy Spider, did motor boat, and finally “Bye Bye Teddy Bear” to end the session. And let me tell you, she was furious when it was time to get out and leave- that is my girl!


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