First Mother’s Day

What an incredible feeling to truly be a mother on Mother’s Day! Last year, yes, I was a mother and my darling daughter was around 22 weeks gestation… but she wasn’t physically here and I didn’t completely feel  like a mother. Being a mother is wonderful, I wouldn’t change it for a single thing- the sleepless nights, frequent feedings, and numerous diaper changes for the first several months, followed by finally getting to sleep through the night and then hating it when the baby wakes up with teething issues during the night, the nasty diapers that solid foods make, the little tempers that are just getting started, and the neediness- – all of this is motherhood and I love every single moment of it.

Early in the morning Mother’s Day snuggles!
(Excuse our hair!)


My little bitty daughter has some of the most rockin hair do’s after waking up from night-nights or nappies! Check this Mother’s Day Do out!

A lot of people think some of her hair do’s are Elvis-like!

The day before we spent the evening with Grandma G. and Syddie’s grandpa and 5 uncles- she enjoyed the watermelon and noodles for dinner! We spent Mother’s Day morning at home, enjoying each other- then we went over to Great Guh’s to see her and Grammy for Mother’s Day! I love seeing Sydney with my mom and with my grandma- I am SO glad that she is getting to experience her Great Grandma, my Grandma, who is so  very very special to me!

Sydney with Grammy on Mother’s Day!



Little Bitty Sydney Update:

  • She is working SO hard on the crawling deal, but alas that dang right hip is still causing her issues (left over from birth) and the crawling is eluding us. But, she has become a pro at scooting backwards and in a huge circle to get where she wants to go. Every day she is getting stronger on all fours and I know it will happen soon!
  • WALKING! This little lady loves to reach for your two hands and take you on a nice long walk! Anyone with hands, she’ll use you! She prefers to walk, it is her chosen method of transportation. In her walker on the kitchen floor- she is rather good at going backwards and is starting to figure out the forwards thing when she wants to get Charlie-Kitty. She has a standup walker as well and we have the wheels locked for right now because it gets away from her too fast 🙂
  • We have a little foodie on our hands- she is starting to boycott baby food and we have to cleverly disguise it to get her to take part- this includes chunks of “real” food to it to make her think it is all big people food! She is into trying everything- our latest have been: watermelon, mango (her favorite!), spaghetti, noodles, bananas, baby granola bars, and baby fruit snacks (as well as some sweets)!
  • Swim lessons are going fabulously! We just finished week 3 today and she is still excelling!
  • Little Bit has started ONLY sleeping on her stomach… and this gives me a fright! I check on her frequently during naps and once or twice during the night just to make sure she is still breathing.
  • We have 2 molars down from back in February and 2 bottom front teeth from early April- she is currently working on the accompanying bottom front teeth and is having a tough time! We were up twice last night trying to make her comfortable and able to go back to sleep 😦 Poor thing and poor Mommy and Daddy!


Mommy Update- I hurt my back rather bad last Monday and have been off work since then- I will go back tomorrow. After 5 Chiropractor visits and 2 visits to work’s occupational health doctor, I am cleared to go back- ugh! I am not looking forward to 12 hours on my feet, but I do have lifting restrictions until I am further cleared by both doctors. My back brace arrived today and I am supposed to wear it the whole day at work and when I am doing housework. Today, I wore it for about 4 hours while doing stuff around the house and I have to admit I am rather comfortable in it and my back doesn’t hurt as bad while wearing it. It is a semi-evil contraption with 8 springs in the back part to help promote back strength, proper posture,  and some other mumbo jumbo. We will see how I feel after 12 hours of work tomorrow, wish me luck!


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