In the last four months….

I said it first, I knew it would happen… I would start this blog and have commitment to it for a limited amount of time and then abruptly stop writing. Was it on purpose? Did I mean to stop? No, I posted that last post on May 15th and never would have thought it would be the last post for 4 months. I missed writing in this blog, missed writing about the memories… BUT I was living the memories 🙂

So much has happened and changed in the last four months. My baby has turned in to a toddler and with that change my heart broke, she left the baby stage and walked head strong into being a toddler. It is truly amazing to watch every day how much she changes, how much she grows, and how much she learns. She is so many things, so many things that I want her to be and in so many ways more then I ever thought she would be already at this young age. I am so proud of her and each time I look at her, if I don’t control it well, my eyes will flood with tears… tears for loosing my baby, tears for how wonderful she is, tears for the amazing bond I have with her, and tears of being a proud mommy when someone compliments her and how smart she is.  She is SO smart, I knew that babies progressed at an amazing rate and learn everything they need to developmental wise in the first several years, but I had NO idea of the alarmingly fast rate she learns and picks up on things!

A bullet-ed recap of the last four months of Sydney:


  • started clapping
  • swim lessons, our little fishy girl!
  • started to “fake” laugh when others around her are laughing… it was a deep chortle!
  • “Walking” around everything and occasionally taking a brave step from one thing to another. She also reached up for everyone’s hands so they could walk her around 🙂
  • Finally started scooting/army crawling around
  • When Daddy says “I’m going to get you!” she would hysterically laugh and try to get away or hide!
  • She made her first trip to Colorado for Grandpa Goebel’s 50th birthday and loved the mountains!


  • Said “Dada” on Daddy’s birthday (6/7)
  • Really began babbling A LOT
  • Great Guh taught her how to stick her tongue out!
  • Made her 2nd trip to Colorado with Grammy and her Uncles and Meg… went up to Pike’s Peak, Garden of the Gods, Royal Gorge, and played in a creek
  • Started “Clicking” her tongue in imitation of giving kisses
  • Started snubbing baby food for people food
  • Started drinking out of a straw and only want straw sippy cups
  • Developed an onry grin with her 4 front teeth
  • 6/26. She pulled herself to standing in her crib for the first time that Mommy caught her and was grinning wildly when Mommy walked in!


  • Took 4 steps on the 4th of July!
  • Began standing unsupported all the time
  • Started leaning her head back and looking at the ceiling whenever anyone says “Whoaaaa” and she still does!
  • Started fist pumping to music and bobbing her head up and down in time with the beat
  • Started only wanting to feed herself 🙂
  • LOVES to go swimming and gets angry when taken away from the water!


  • She stood, balancing, on one foot while holding on to the couch and was quite pleased with the reaction she got!
  • Said “Duck”! to request her ducky book be read
  • Took 9 steps and then quickly started WALKING everywhere!
  • Started using a spoon to eat
  • Started pointing with her index finger and everything and saying “uh?”
  • When asked “Where’s Sydney?” she started pointing to herself!
  • Had her FIRST birthday party and was a shining star at her Cupcake Party!


  • Starting really acting like a big girl toddler!
  • Started to stacking blocks
  • Started throwing and kicking things
  • Starting to take trash she finds around the house to the trashcan and throwing it away!
  • “Talking” all the time and asking questions in her baby words
  • She will walk to her bedroom and stand at her crib when you ask her if it’s time for a nappie (but only when she is actually tired and ready for a nappie)!

Okay, this is long enough for a 1st post back to the blogging world… I am going to try my hardest to continue to update but if you don’t hear from me for a little while it’s because I am enjoying every moment of being with my daughter, because, she is growing up WAY TO FAST!




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