Watching her sleep

I have always been a firm believer in letting babies sleep, never waking them up before they need to be woken up,  letting them wake up naturally on their own …
But there are some times when the need to hold my baby girl is so overwhelming that I almost break the rule. All of a sudden I will have this urge out of nowhere to hold her, breathe her sweet baby smell in,  and only then will the world seem alright. This strikes when I least expect it, early in the morning before she’s awoken, during nap times when it seems she sleeping forever, and late at night when I’m tryjng to fall asleep… It takes all my will power and strength not to give in to this temptation,  to pick her up and love on her.

Right now, Curtis is asleep next to me (the man falls asleep 5 seconds after he lays down), I’ve  been trying to fall asleep for a while now, and I can hear Sydney making baby sleep sounds and I want to hold her so bad.
My daughter has not let me hold her until she falls asleep since she was around 8 weeks old…. I feel like I’ve had those precious moments stolen from me because she is too independent. Don’t get me wrong, I love the fact she is such a good sleeper and sleeps from 9pm to 10am but I WANT her to fall asleep in my arms and for her to met me hold her again.

So, in these moments when I’m about to loose my will power and strength, I tip toe into her room and watch her sleep… watch her dream and feel so content hearing her breathe. She is my baby, my heart, and I will always love watching her sleep.


This was the last time I got to hold her while asleep, back at the beginning of May… and it was only because she fell asleep in the car and happened to stay asleep while walking inside. You better believe that I relished that moment 🙂


On her first birthday… our amazingly independent sleeper!


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