Another Year Older…

I turned 26 on March 7th and it was a birthday unlike any other I’ve had… Sydney and I had both been sick for the past week and I worked 3pm to 3am on Wednesday (3/5) and Thursday (3/6), so when it turned the clock to March 7th, I was at work. For the first time ever, I was at work on my birthday, BOO! I got home at 4am and wasn’t able to fall asleep until 5:30 am… and of course Sydney decided to wake up at 10am, instead of her “normal” sick time of 11:30am. I was exhausted, but we went to lunch with Curtis and then home to sleep like the dead for a 2 hour nap. We, then, headed to Guh’s for my birthday celebration with my family, Sydney was SO excited for the PARTY! She wore a pretty blue dress and thought it was all about her 🙂 She helped me unwrap presents and tried to blow out the trick candles! We ate at Doc Green’s for dinner and then Guh bought us all Shockers shirts! Sydney got a Shockers baseball hat and has been wearing it everywhere!

The best birthday present, hands down, was from my mom… an overnight stay for Sydney at her house! Sydney is 2 years and 6.5 months old and has never been away from us overnight, it was a big deal! We packed up all her goodies in her overnight bag, she chose a baby doll to take and some green apples to share. She excitedly got into Grammy’s car and away they went at 9pm… she didn’t even look back or care that Mommy and Daddy weren’t going with her!

Curtis and I got home, watched one TV show, and passed out! We were both so exhausted from 2 weeks of sickness with Sydney (she wasn’t sleeping through the night) and I was miserable from working two night shifts in a row. We slept for 14.5 hours and it was the most glorious 14.5 hours of sleep EVER. We woke up, got ready without trying to entertain Sydney and pack all of her stuff up, and went to spend some of my birthday money at New Market Square. I don’t remember the last time the two of us were able to go shopping without Little Miss, having to entertain her and throw snacks at her to get our shopping done with speed! We leisurely walked around and visited the stores I wanted to! It was such a wonderful gift!

We went to get Sydney at 3:30pm and she was SO excited to see us! She ran down the sidewalk and right into my arms! We went in to get her stuff and talk to Grammy, Sydney was worried we were going to leave without her again, so she made sure she was out the front door FIRST, so we wouldn’t forget her! We stopped at Sonic for slushies and went to Family Video to get some movies for the weekend! —-Sydney’s face, walking into the movie store for the first time, was priceless! She wanted every kid movie she saw!

So, we survived out first night away from her… I think it was less “traumatic” for me because I was so very exhausted that I just slept!

Another year older… I have many wishes for this year ahead of me and look forward to seeing what comes my way!



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